Can You Wear A Tie With A Shirt Untucked?

Shirts and ties are the ultimate formal wear for every man. They are great for meetings, business outings, and any other formal occasion. However, they can be semi-formal and smart casual as well, especially when the tie is worn with a shirt untucked. This look can easily be nailed, however, there are some certain rules that all men must comply with.

These rules include;

Shirt Length

When it comes to wearing your tie with shirt untucked, the first thing you have to consider is the length. You need to get the perfect length and fit to avoid looking like a slob. Wearing shirts that are either oversized or too long ruins the entire outfit, including your footwear and pants. To get the optimal length, ensure you wear the shirt before purchasing it and be sure it fits you perfectly. You could go for plain, striped or polka dot shirts, as long as it is well coordinated and fits the entire outfit. To be on the safe side, ensure the shirt is short; long shirts aren’t really meant to be worn untucked. To know the perfect short shirt, it must not cover more than half of your bum when you put it on.


Jackets/Vests Combination

Another way to mail wearing a shirt and tie untucked is to pair it up with a nice vest or blazer. But as the usual rule that applies to all menswear, it has to fit perfectly, just like the shirt. If it’s not fitted, don’t wear it! (Or you’ll risk looking shabby). Leather jackets, fitted blazers, and the other vests should be plain coloured, so your look wouldn’t be too busy. If you will wear the jacket, use a fattie and pin it together with a tie clip. If you want to use a bow tie, ensure the vest or jacket doesn’t cover up the tie, so it wouldn’t look like you are wearing the blazer or jacket on top of the shit.


Although some shirts are looser than others, untucked shirts have to be fitted on the upper body perfectly. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. When you want to Knot a tie with an untucked shirt, the tie has to be the long and slim design, preferably a plain color (but it all depends on the shirt type). If you want to wear a bow tie with an untucked shirt, make sure you do the upper buttons properly so your look can come off as clean and sharp. If not, you would risk looking saggy and that would give you a general bad vibe, which you definitely don’t want.

Finally, if you want to nail this look, make sure you untuck the shirt before leaving the house. If you tuck it in and tuck it out later, it would look wrinkled, rough and out of shape. Wearing an untucked shirt with a tie could be a great way to style your outfit, especially if it is done the proper way. This male fashion game changer is something every man of class and style should try out!


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