How to best get dressed for your first date?

The moment it’s about your first date, it is important for any man to get dressed up well. You may have to think of selecting best style factor that can help create your very first impression. Even before you make selection of formal t-Shirt, jeans suit or neck tie, you have to rethink about the latest fashion trends.

Getting started

The first and fore most important thing is to try and be unique. Most women are crazy about men who have the power to create history. Neck tie, belt, shoes and watch are accessories that are considered as ideal add ons to your fashion statement. You have to make selection of best accessories that can help you look different. You don’t have to try and dress up very much informal for your first date.

Note:- Try and select something that makes you feel comfortable and does not offer with a feeling of being overdone.

Best outfit

Even if you select a nice pair of jeans and formal designer T-shirt, you can highlight your image by adding extra accessories like neck tie and watch. A formal belt certainly can work out its magic. They are sufficient to reflect the image about yourself.

This is also one of the best looks in case you have planned an informal and casual date for informal events. It is also advisable to button the first few buttons of your shirt so you look decent.

In case you want to add a little more to your looks you can select a nice suit and neck tie that can suit your best personality. It should try and create your best image in the mind of the lady.

T-shirts can be your ideal choice, but it should match your best personality. It is obvious that you should avoid getting dressed like you do for boys night out with your regular friends. This is ideal choice unless you are having your six pack abs that you want to display to your girl. To make it more attractive you can also try  and wear a nice piece of blazer that blends in perfectly with your neck tie and shirt. Selecting right hue is very much important for any man for this occasion.

Getting dressed for late night dinner

In case you are planning to go out on a late night dinner with your first date then a best suit with matching neck tie and blazer would be the right choice. This type of dressing is ideal for formal as well s fancy dinner party.

As the dinner is scheduled for late night so try and select a suit that is dark in shade. You can check with best late night dinner venues at different restaurants and their dress codes. When selecting a shirt always ensure you select one that highlights your neck tie and your suit. Light shaded shirt is best if the suit is dark shaded. A formal leather shoes will be considered as best addon for the occasion. Sports shoes and loafers should always be avoided with formal wears.

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