Men’s Fashion For Retro Male Vintage Style

In case you are interested in vintage style and retro fashion, then collecting old stuff can be considered as a gold mine for your wardrobe. The moment you want to add retro fashion statement, you need to look around for best accessories. Some of these are mentioned here in this article.

Wristwatches that blend perfectly with your style

One main benefit of selecting traditional dial wrist watches is that they are more durable as compared to modern time electronic watches. You just need to ensure that the battery is working or else you may have to replace it with a new one. It is also possible to change the old wristband with a new one. A perfect leather wristband is ideal and blends in perfectly with accessories like waist belt and neck tie.


Even in present time, denim is always considered as fashion statements. Traditional denim was crafted out of thick durable materials. You can still use these jeans for a number of years in the future. You can try and make a selection from amongst traditional styles and brands like Levis. Apart from this, you can also try wearing a Traditional Jeans jacket and a broad necktie printed in floral designs. Denim is accessories that have managed to rule the man’s fashion world for a number of years to date. They are just stylish and unique.


You can try and make your best selection from the traditional vintage styled sweater vest or socks that are always most popular with many men.

Sweater vests

Sweater vests are always one of the most popular fashion trends of retro times. You can make the selection from some of the plain classic colors from the navy collection. Printed sweaters are also traditional fashion accessories and can blend in perfectly with neckties and plain shirts or polo necks.

Vintage bags –To add a little more to your vintage looks it is best to try and carry a vintage bag from your dad’s closet. Traditional leather styled vintage bags that are black or brown in color and briefcase styled will work its magic for any event. You can try and polish it with a leather conditioner or wax polish to offer it with clean and shiny looks.

Traditional money bags and wallets

Today not many people are used to carrying a wallet with you as you have the convenience of using ATM cards or credit cards for paying. Traditional wallets are best retro fashion accessories. Big square wallets are also best as they fit well in your pant pockets. You can select one that is made up of genuine leather material.

Complimentary jewelry

Classic finger rings and beads necklace are certainly considered as nice retro pieces of jewelry for people of all age groups. You can select one that matches perfectly with your overall looks and necktie. A beads necklace is perfect if you are wearing a printed necktie and plaid shirt.

Some other accessories like a leather belt and bowling gear can also work its magic. Belts that are crafted out of big sized buckle is considered as retro fashion.

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