What Does Lining In Your Tie Represent?

As we have already discussed in other articles about the importance of neckties for man’s fashion statement, we now need to understand what this fashion statement represents. Neck ties are always one of the most important and yet quiet less talked about man’s fashion accessories. 4 out of 10 people are only used to wearing a neck ties on daily basis while 2 out of 10 people are used to wearing it on special occasions only.

This makes neck ties a part of our wardrobes, and so when selecting one it is important that we need to ensure that our pick is just the right one. You can make the selection of neck ties on the basis of its looks, color, design or fabric, but you have to ensure that you have selected the best.

To make your selection more effective you may have to pay extra attention at the fabric part. We are not discussing about the external looks, but the base fabric that is used on the inner side of the neck ties and offers it with perfect shape and durability.

Not many people pay attention at the base material fabric that is used by the manufacturers when making any particular brand neck tie. To view the material you may have to unfold the top fabric layer inside out. The details that you notice on the inner side are the ones that offer the necktie with its shape, durability and firmness.

When purchasing expensive silk tie, you may notice that manufacturers have made use of multiple layers of base fabric. So when purchasing you need to ensure that the base fabric is attached to entire neck tie on the inner side. This material offers with consistency to your neck tie and offers it with finish looks.

It is important that the lining at the inner side should run down the entire neck band. In case the tie is made up of lighter silk material then the manufacturers try and make use of neck lining that is of more studier material offering it with extra weight.

Wool is one of the most common inner fabric material that is selected by more number of manufacturers. In case the neck tie is made up of a much heavier material then manufacturers ensure that inner lining is crafter out of much light weight material. No mater what material is used on the outer side, you need to select one that is of right weight to maintain its shape.

So when purchasing you have to pay attention at the weight of the material used to manufacture the tie and the type of inner lining material used by manufacturer.

If you need to select one that is a quality neck tie, then make your purchase after seeing the outer and inner material used. The fabric quality certainly does affect the durability of the neck tie. You may also come across a few ties that do not have any lining fabric used on the inner side.

These are the summer ties that are only used as a casual wear or fashion statements. The neck tie is also very much slimmer and thinner as compared to traditional ones.

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